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21 st
of Sep 2014

(´・` )♡

(´・` )♡

Youngjae checking himself out ಥ_ಥ

okay taehyun…

leeteuk leaving the venue after SS6 day 3

Taehyun, Mino and Kwanghee dancing to TTS’ Twinkle

 − amazing  − Taehyun  − Mino  − WINNER  − Kwanghee  − ZE:A

Taehyun promoting Don’t Flirt at the same time capturing the hearts of the listeners. ©

WPFBBM - 5 Favorite Music Videos: BIGBANG // Love Song

Sungjong for Nylon magazine aka Sungjong’s first individual photoshoot~

5/? k-rappers → kanto
© thorinian